Control raw materials from the source and persist in Carrying out the R&D for Core Products
Ingenuity is our ultimate pursiit of product and quality, and is the culture that guides our employees.The founder Mr. Fan Xian’e has continuously improved the quality standard and production process of our core product “breviscapine injection” for nearly 30 years. Longjin has become the drafter of the pharmacopoeia standard for this product. To ensure the product quality, we have established our own breviscapus plantingn base to control the quality of the drugs from the source.
High-end Manufacturing, from Automation to Smart Manufacturing
Based on the full automation of the production line, the smart plant construction project was launched in 2016. The smart plant system model and corporate core database have been established in three years, building the communication and data implementation platform interconnected and integrated with the production process control and production management system, and promoting the enterprise to enter a new development stage with the smart plant as the carrier, key manufacturing link intellectualization as the core, end-to-end data flow as the basis and network interconnection as the support.
Achieve modernization of Chinese Traditional Medicine by Following the Medical Path
Longjin Pharmaceutical is constantly engaged in the innovation, research and development of our core product breviscapine injection. To further verify the clinical safety and effectiveness of such product. We carry out R&D with multiple authorities in China. By following the medical path, we have completed the pre-clinical study for such product in effectiveness and safety according to the national standard on class I new drug, revealing the best effective dosage and maximum safe dosage of such product. Longjin has become a model of modem Chinese herbal drug.
Provide Warmth with Multiple Measures
Warmth is one of direct methods for people to feel the outside world, and “warmth” is also directly related to the corporate vitality extension. Staff is the greatest fortune of Longjin. Care for the staff’s changing demands is essential for Longjin’s continuous development. We make staff’s life more convenient by founding the enrollment fund for staff’s children, introducing vending machines and establishing the parent-child activity rooms, to let staff feel our appreciation and care. By establishing the work sharing space to break through the traditional working mode, we promote the coordination between departments and free working exchange between staff. With these measures, we have made great contributions to create the corporate culture of “Warm Longjin”.
Warm Employment
Our employment concept is also continuously updated with the change of time, from controlling staff to enabling staff, from focusing on staff’s compliance to focusing on staff’s creativity, from requiring staff to be dedicated to the company and work wholeheartedly to helping staff balance life and work and acquire the sense of happiness and sense of achievement, from regarding the staff’s performance as the prior assessment indicator to regarding the staff’s continuous learning ability and self-development demand as the most important measuring standard. Longjin is striving to become a warm enterprise.
Adherence to Mission and Original Intention
Longjin Pharmaceutical’s original intention is bringing health to the mankind. We regard caring for life, improving human beings’ health and sharing the comfortable life as the mission. Guided by this mission and original intention, all products marketed by Longjin Pharmaceutical have clear curative effect and controllable quality. Longjin Pharmaceutical never acquires profit through the marketing concept and speculation.
Patients’ Demand Oriented R&D Project Initiation
As the leading cause of human death, cardio-cerebrovascular diseases are mostly chronic diseases that require long-term drug treatment. Guided by patient needs, Longjin Pharmaceutical focuses on the layout of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease product line, improves the process, restores the production of high-quality defibrase injection for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular medicine, and has initiated projects of multiple high-end generic drugs for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, forming the R&D strategy of mainly creation and creation-imitation combination.
Multi-dimensional Superior-Subordinate Communication Mechanism
A sound organization is like a person who will be kept healthy only when his/her blood vessels are smooth. In Longjin, the sound communication mechanism, cross-department barriers overcoming by the project responsibility system and continuously improved management system ensure the smoothness of our vessels. We have established a sound communication channel between superiors and subordinates through multiple dimensions, so that managers can directly hear the voices and needs of grass-roots employees, and carry out the advice and suggestions offering activity on the quarterly basis, promptly reward employees who give reasonable advices and suggestions, and quickly implement the suggestions. Staff involvement makes the company better.
Overcoming Cross-Department Barriers through the Project Responsibility System Coordination
We overcome cross-department barriers through the project responsibility coordination, to allow staff at all levels to involve in the leading and implementation of the corporate strategic project. We reward all members of the project completion team with excellent achievements, which not only horizontally overcomes the communication and cooperation barriers between different departments, but also provides staff at each level with opportunities for developing leadership, coordination, organization and communication abilities.
Continuously Improved Management System
In order to improve the organizational performance, we have introduced the excellent performance system to comprehensively improve our management awareness and management skills in the extensive quality range. We have launched the talent incentive system, comprehensively sorted out the company’s position, rank, qualifications and promotion system, correspondingly improved the welfare and compensation system and optimized the performance management system to enable employees to be more motivated, energetic and capable.
Cultivate Talents Comprehensively through Qianlong, Jianlong, Yuelong and Feilong Programs
A sustainable organization comes from a team capable of continuously learning and making improvement. Longjin Pharmaceutical attaches great importance to the cultivation and growth of staff. The company trains new staff on various sectors of the company through the Qianlong program, and trains the company's reserve talents through the Jianlong program, enabling them to improve their learning and management abilities in addition to the working competence. We have also established Youlong Program and Yuelong Program specifically for managers at middle and senior levels, allowing the core management team to continuously broaden the cognitive boundary and update its management philosophy and improve the management level.
Cultivate Staff’s Learning Habit at the Informal Learning Atmosphere
In addition to training for work and management skills, we also pay great attention to the cultivation of individual learning habits of employees. We have established a 38-degree space as the work sharing space for employees, creating a social scene for free study and communication, and regularly hold reading sharing sessions, knowledge dinners and tea sharing meetings in various forms to create informal learning and communication environments and atmosphere for employees.