Extracts of Natural Plants

We have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing breviscapine for injection . Breviscapine is extracted from erigeron breviscapus—a plateau plant. We have explored, improved and accumulated abundant technologies and experience of plant extracts manufacturing and have obtained 17 invention patent licenses related to breviscapine. We are the drafter of breviscapine standard in China Pharmacopoeia.

We now manufacture and sell breviscapine (the main component is scutellarin, also called scutellarin) in compliance with the current China Pharmacopoeia. Our product can serve as the standard substance of breviscapine. At present, we have passed self-GRAS certification, and our breviscapine has become the dietary supplement accepted by FDA and can serve as the pharmaceutical raw material in China.

Nanjian Longjin Biotechnology Co., Ltd.—one of our wholly-owned subsidiaries has the GMP standard breviscapine production line with the annual production capacity of 6 tons. The production line is capable of manufacturing multiple natural plant extracts with ethyl alcohol as the solvent. We can provide customers with customized plantation and extraction as well as diversified products.

More about Breveiscapin

Erigeron breviscapus is the wholly dried herb of Erigeron breviscapus(Vant.)Hand-Mazz, also called Herba Erigeromtis, Garden Balsam Seed, Impatiens balsamina L., caesalpinia pulcherrima or Aster dubius (Thunb.) Onno, and is mainly distributed in Soutwest China, particularly, widely distributed in Yunnan Province. It was initially recorded in Herbs in the South of Yunnan and once collected in China Pharmacopoeia (I) (Version 1977). Erigeron breviscapus has cold property, is sweet, slightly pungent and bitter, and has the effects of detoxication, channels and collaterals clearing and activation, blood activating and stasis dissolving, wind dispelling and dampness elimination, pain relief and inflammation treatment. At present, breviscapin Injection is mainly used for curing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases clinically and also has good curative effect in diabetes, cervical dizziness, kidney disease and senile diseases.

Scientific research has demonstrated that breviscapine extract contains breviscapine and other natural phytochemical components with high biological activity, such as breviscapine ethyl which can improve the blood supply activity of the heart and brain, caffeinated quinine acid which has anticoagulant activity, and wild baicalin which has protective effect on diabetic kidney disease. Erigeron breviscapine is an effective natural medicine in the treatment of ischemic cerebral ischemia and myocardial ischemia. In addition, erigeron breviscapus extract can also be used for skin whitening freckle while no side effect to the skin. It can whiten the skin after ultraviolet irradiation, prevent, improve and treat the skin caused by sun spots, freckles, erythra and other skin pigmentation symptoms.