Bringing Health to the Mankind
Stock Code:002750

Kunming Longjin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (002750) was founded on September 16, 1996, with the registered capital of RMB 400.5 million.

Our purpose is to “Bringing Health to the Mankind”. Longjin Pharmaceutical considers caring for life, improving human beings’life quality through technology and innovation as its mission. We always adhere to the values of Ingenuity, win-win, innovation, integrity, pragmatic. Longjin Pharmaceutical is devoted to be an innovation-led and trustworthy pharmaceutical company that continously creat value for our customers and partners.

Longjin Pharmaceutical focuses on developing therapeutic medicines for people living with cardiovascular、 cerebrovascular and metabolic diseases. Some of the major national science and technology projects involved in Longjin Pharmaceuticals are as follows: The 13th Five-Year Plan of the State for major new drug creation preclinical research in 2018. The National Chinese Medicine Standardization Project in 2016. The 12th National Five-Year Plan major new drug creation major varieties of technological transformation in 2012. And the national industrial revitalization project in 2010.

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Our leading product is Longjin® freeze-dried breviscapine powder for injection. Over the years, we have been devoted to profound research on the product formula and preparation process of breviscapine for injection and have mastered the core technologies. The quality standard drafted by us for the breviscapine for injection, which is the only single-component preparation with the purity up to 98%, is included in China Pharmacopoeia. We have won totally 17 national invention patents regarding the product from raw materials to preparation. So far, we have obtained nearly 30 invention patents home and abroad.

In 2016, the smart manufacturing project was initiated. By means of whole supply chain integration, whole information integration and whole automation integration, we aim to become a bench-marking smart manufacturer featuring “high quality, high efficiency and low energy consumption”in the industry of pharmaceuticals.

Our production and operation are currently in good conditions. Longjin Pharmaceutical is a high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise growing and developing rapidly, one of top 100 non-state-owned enterprises in Yunnan Province, a leader in the strategic emerging industry of Yunnan Province and a pilot enterprise for smart manufacturing in Yunnan Province.