Smart Manufacturing


In 2013,the“Breviscapine Injection Production Base”(Phase I) was completed

● The fund RMB 350 million was invested

● The building area reaches more than 40000 square meters

● The global advanced facilities and equipment were introduced

● The production line is capable of annually manufacturing 50 million bottles of breviscapine injection

● The new-version GMP certification of national drugs is passed

● The production line was conferred with the annual facility award 2017 by International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (and licensed with national invention patents)



In 2016, Longjin Pharmaceutical formally launched the smart plant construction project

● Building the real-time communication and data platform interconnected and integrated with the production process control and production management system

● Achieving the real-time display of the on-site production situation in the virtual space

● Achieving the remote control

● Building a smart manufacturing benchmark manufacturer featuring “high quality, high efficiency, low cost and low energy consumption” in the industry of pharmaceuticals.

1583052952228052400.pngLongjin Pharmaceutical considers building a modernized pharmaceutical manufacturer with intelligent manufacturing technologies in China as the development strategy. Mr. Fan Xian’e believes that intelligent manufacturing is not just using some intelligent equipment to replace human resources, nor just integrating some new-generation information technology means and manufacturing technologies such as Industrial Internet, Internet of Things, Big Data, and Cloud Computing, but a civilization. It is a type of invention and creation which strengthen human beings’ adaptation to and recognition of the objective work at the current historic development stage and comply with the human beings’ spirit pursuit and a means to reshape the enterprise’s competitiveness. The intelligent manufacturing enables Longjin Pharmaceutical to enter an important period of new industrial development.