R & D strategy
Develop innovative and generic drugs simultaneously
We focus on R&D of drugs for chronic diseases such as cardio-cerebral vascular and metabolic diseases to establish the R&D system of high-end generic drugs and innovative drugs combination.
Internal Improvement and External Introduction
We have transformed our R&D model from fully independent to cooperate with external R&D institutions, and have introduced advanced technologies and teams globally to establish multiple platforms, lower the risks and improve the efficiency.
We cooperated with Kunming Institute of Zoology, CAS to establish Yunnan CAS Longjin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. which serves as the polypeptide innovative drugs R&D platform.
An external investment partner was introduced to establish Jiangsu Longjin Careyou Biomedical Co., Ltd. which serves the high-end generic drug development platform.
Longjin Fantian Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established to serve as the investment hatch platform for seeking global excellent project resources for the company and introducing external scientific research institutions and fund for project hatching.
We maintain long-term friendly partnership with well-known research institutions such as Harvard Medical School, The Institute of Medicinal Plant Development, CAMS and Institute of Materia Medica Chinese Academy of Medical Science.
R & D philosophy
In line with the R&D concept of sincerity, integrity and clinical demand orientation, we are devoted to rapidly developing high-quality drugs for improving the chronic diseases patients’ living comfort.
Endless Innovation
R & D and innovation are closely intertwined, and the nature of the pharmaceutical industry requires companies to constantly engage in technological innovation or business model innovation in order to improve production efficiency through. One of the company’s strengths is using emerging technologies to engage in explorative innovation. From the construction and commissioning of automated production lines, to the comprehensive application of intelligent manufacturing systems, to the control of known impurities at the micro scale, to conducting quality control across the entire industrial chain, to the infinite applications of new materials, to the introduction of new production techniques, all forms of innovations revolve around the reliability and efficiency of product manufacture, while also reducing production costs.