Founder's Message

The innovative development of medicine technology is profoundly changing the production and development of human beings. People now can live a long life. We now can manage the incurable diseases as chronic ones. We are constantly exploring the secrets of life and unveiling the mysteries of life. The development of medicine technology is leading human civilization to a new start.

In the ancient times from 1.7 million years BC to 2070 BC, human beings mainly relied on fortunetelling, divination and witchcraft to cure diseases. From 1000 BC to 300 AD, the western countries, mainly Greece and Rome  , started extensive research on life science. From the 4th century AD to the 13  th century AD, the western classical medicine declined and traditional Chinese medicine reached the peak. From the 14th   century AD to 16th century AD, the western countries rapidly rose thanks to renaissance, so the medicine was also rapidly developed. Since the 17  th century, the gap between western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine has been widened due to industrial revolutions, and precision medicine and molecular biology nowadays has come into being. The scientific and technological innovation guiding the development of medicine has become the benchmark and an irreversible trend of medicine development in the future.

In compliance with the development of the era and the general trend of human beings’ urgent demands for overcoming illness and improving life quality, we adhere to the original intention “Bringing Health to the Mankind” and carry out research and development of drugs for curing chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and metabolic diseases based on the mission “Caring for Life, Improving Human Beings’ Health and Sharing the Comfortable Life”.

At present, the multidisciplinary and multidirectional medicine research is in the process of new breakthrough, and some major new directions have emerged in the development of medical science. The bioengineering technology based on the molecular biology is in the process of new breakthrough, unveiling brand new prospects for agriculture, medicine and human health; the completion of human genome project and development of nanotechnology bring about the new round of the medical technical renovation, and the medicine will be industrialized. This is a rare historic development opportunity and also a tough challenge. We will become an overall solution provider for chronic diseases and will create value for users in the following three aspects: 1) achieving the modernization of Chinese Traditional Medicine; 2) providing patients with efficient and affordable high-quality drugs based on the clinical demands; (3) applying global advanced technologies to develop the needed drugs for patients.

As the proverb goes, “the path for raindrops flowing into the valley is unpredictable, but its direction is inevitable”. The epoch-making breakthrough of medical development will be soon made in the near future. I hope that we can get involved in this era that the science and technology develop faster than people’s adaption and many myths may come true, to create miracles for the mankind’s health. We will constantly make unremitting efforts to cure diseases and make people live more comfortably.

I would like to express my gratitude for every friend concerned about us and all of our staff. The constant development of Longjin Pharmaceutical cannot be separated from your understanding, trust, care and support. Longjin Pharmaceutical will live up to your trust and will adhere to innovation and diligence in pharmaceuticals to overcome technical difficulties, provide high-quality drugs and make contribution to improve the drugs availability. In this process, we shall not become slack, and we shall always interpret the corporate core values “innovation, originality, integrity, practice and win-win” based on the spirit of thanksgiving and dedication.

“Bringing the Health to the Mankind”. Our faith is to convoy our patients through constant innovation, by means of the most authentic data, the best processes, the most advanced equipment, the most scientific management and the smartest decisions, based on the quality spirit of dedication and daily GMP, and the creed of “Manufacturing Drugs for Parents, Children and Friends”. We always make efforts to fulfill our commitments: Passing on the value, honor, trust, respect and mission commitments to the staff; equal cooperation, sincerity and mutual benefit to partners; true information, quality services and feedback to patients. For the mission and vision of Longjin Pharmaceutical, we will make unremitting efforts!

Wish all staff work together to achieve our missions, embrace the tide of the era and jointly write a new chapter of pharmaceuticals!

Fan Xian'e                     

the Founder and President of Longjin Pharmaceutical