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Original title: He has been immersed in the laboratory for 22 years only for one thing~

Behind the drugs developed based on the abundant herbal medicine resources in Yunnan Province such as Bulleyaconitine A Soft Capsule, Dengyin Naotong Capsule, Fitness Tablet…, there is a name: Zhang Wei.

The Kunming native at the age of 46 applied for more than 50 invention patents, of which he served as the first inventor in 15 patents. His professional technical level is leading in Yunnan Province and even in China. Most of his major innovations in the field of biological medicine have been applied in industrialization, achieving great economic and social benefits.

Check more information below about Zhangwei---the Deputy General Manager and R&D Director of Kunming Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ~

Persistence Although Long Development Cycle and High Risks


Zhang Wei requires himself to be rigorous and more rigorous~

Zhang Wei often describes his career by“treading on thin ice or standing upon the edge of an abyss”.

Different from R&D of other products, R&D of new drugs is a long and arduous road with long cycle, large investment and high risks.

“Some partners who entered the drugs R&D with me in 1997 felt hopeless about the drugs and then did marketing work or changed jobs in other fields”. Over the past 22 years, he has persisted in his own work although colleagues around left.

His greatest hope and satisfaction is to develop the drugs with clinical values.


New drugs development is a long and arduous road~

It’s not easy to successfully develop a type of new drug. Various data test and evaluation at the early stage may merely take several months and even one or two years.

Zhang Wei is often immersed in the empty laboratory and cold instruments, even on holidays. When the project is urgent, he often works overtime.

The work in the laboratory seems very decent, but is not as easy as you image in fact. The constant experiments and contact with different chemicals are a challenge to the body.


Many “Occupational Diseases” Come with Drugs Research~

For example, the inhalation of excessive acetic acid is a burden to respiratory tract and nasal mucosa, causing damage to mucous membrane or resulting in inflammatory reaction. For Zhang Wei, his slow sense of smell is just the “occupation disease” due to inhalation of irritant gas such as acetic acid for a long time.

The drugs experiment shall be scientific, for the invalidity or deviation of a little data will affect the next link, bringing the inestimable impacts on the enterprise and even causing the failure of the investment project.

Therefore, Zhang Wei is often immersed in the laboratory for more than 10 hours a day, and even stays at the company for more than 10 days consecutively, in order to process the data accurately.

Although Some Achievements Are Achieved, the Original Intention Remained Unchanged

As a matter of fact, Zhang Wei was closely related to drugs research at the college time.

Zhang Wei studied applied chemistry. After graduating from the university in 1997, Zhang Wei joined KPC Pharmaceuticals, Inc. to work. Zhangwei had worked in KPC for 19 years since then.

Although his major chemistry is associated with drugs research to some extent, only chemistry basis is not enough. In order to make profound research in the pharmaceutical field, Zhang Wei also pursued advanced study in National Institute for Food and Drug Control (former National Institute for Drugs and Biological Products Control), Pharmacy School of Fudan University and Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine during the working period.


Zhang Wei and His Colleagues Were Researching New Drugs in the Laboratory~

During this period, Zhangwei participated in many national, provincial and ministerial major science and technology projects; participated in the application to the national certified enterprise technology center by KPC Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; participated in the preparation of National Standard Sample Definite Value Laboratory for National Products.

He was also conferred with the scientific and technological invention second prize by Yunnan Provincial People’s Government because of participation in the R&D of class 1 new drug Panaxatrol Disuccinate Sodium for Injection and was conferred with the scientific and technological progress third prize by Yunnan Provincial People’s Government because of participation in the R&D of Bulleyaconitine A Soft Capsules.

In addition, Zhang Wei also applied for more than 50 invention patents, of which 40 invention patents have been licensed, covering compounds, compositions, crystalline forms of the drugs. Many patents have been also transformed to industrialization, and some economic benefits have been achieved.

He also published more than 20 papers on core domestic periodicals, covering the studies on breviscapine, bulleyaconitine and mangiferin.

From the ignorant youth to the calm middle age, Zhang Wei has obtained numerous honors in the pharmaceutical field and has been recognized by many people, but he is neither conceited nor rash, but tackles technical difficulties in the laboratory.

 Leaving Only for More People’s Benefits

When he decided to leave KPC Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and give up the title and honors obtained in KPC Pharmaceuticals over the past 19 years, his second child was born.

Although the future prospect is not clear, Zhang Wei persuaded his families and obtained his families’ understanding and support to join Longjin Pharmaceutical with the unlimited enthusiasm for and devotion to the scientific research.

“I hope I can have more development opportunities. The new drugs are less, so are the products under production and marketing. I think I can have larger development potential and I can do more things here.” Zhang Wei said.


The Personnel of Longjin Pharmaceutical’s R&D Department are Increasing~

When Zhang Wei joined Longjin Pharmaceutical, the R&D instruments and apparatuses as well as R&D personnel are limited although there is a laboratory covering an area of more than 1000 square meters in the R&D Department.

“To improve the corporate core competitiveness, technical innovation must be made.” Supported by the board of directors, Zhang Wei has established the R&D input mechanism of mainly corporate investment, supplemented by government investment and market operation.

In addition, the investment to the scientific research project has been considered as an important index for annual assessment of the company’s senior management team to strengthen the independent innovation capabilities of the company.

This year is the third year after Zhang Wei Joined Longjin Pharmaceutical. Under his leadership and expansion, Longjin Pharmaceutical also created a new situation and achieved the strategic transformation and upgrading.


Longjin Pharmaceutical Established a Powerful Scientific Research Team~

At present, Longjin Pharmaceutical has technical development instruments and equipment with value up to more than RMB 15 million and has established multiple laboratories with clear work division.

Longjin Pharmaceutical has established a scientific research team with powerful capabilities in drugs extraction separation, chemical synthesis, preparations development and drugs analysis and test. Well-known Chinese academicians and experts were recruited to serve as members of the expert committee.


Longjin Pharmaceutical Has Multiple Laboratories with Clear Work Division~

Led by Zhang Wei, Longjin Pharmaceutical established Yunnan CAS Longjin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. by cooperating with Kunming Institute of Zoology, CAS.

The research on polypeptide innovative drugs has been carried out to hatch the promising polypeptide drug project to help Longjin Pharmaceutical expand and make overall arrangement in the new bio-pharmaceuticals field.

In May 2019, Longjin Pharmaceutical started to enter the generic drug market. The holding subsidiary Jiangsu Longjin Kangyou Biomedical Co., Ltd. was established, and advanced generic drug technologies were introduced from India to efficiently develop generic drugs for cardio-cerebral vascular and metabolic diseases with certain technical barriers.

Zhang Wei has to spend more than 3 hours to get to Longjin Pharmaceutical for working and come back home after work. For the research data of one project, he often stays in the company for more than 10 days consecutively…

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